Serious Magic Ultra 2

Transform keying into a practical daily production tool with Serious Magic Ultra 2 for Windows®.

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 Complete feature list

Get superior keying results from marginal sources, such as DV footage that was poorly lit.

  • Produce better keying results with a breakthrough algorithm called Vector Keying™. It compensates for keying nightmares, such as uneven lighting, wrinkled backdrops, or frizzy hair. Key in the field or in the studio.
  • Enjoy extraordinarily faster setup with One-Click Key. Increase rendering speeds by shifting processing demands to your computer’s graphics processing unit (GPU).
  • Get excellent results from the reduced color bandwidth of today’s DV video sources.
  • Get instant feedback with live preview. Adjust camera shot, angle, and zoom to fit the scene while shooting.
  • Perform real-time color correction on input and output clips and work with controls for spill suppression, color curve, and desaturation. Fine-tune your composites for detailed realism.

Flexibility with layers, sources, and scenes

Take control of your virtual environment.

  • Flexible edge cropping, scaling, and orientation settings allow total control over the placement of your source clips. Add realism to your sets using virtual shadows and reflections.
  • Insert additional video sources right into the many virtual sets included with Ultra CS3. Easily create more sophisticated composites by adding your own semitransparent foreground image or by choosing any prerendered 3D virtual set included in Ultra.
  • Get high-resolution output with standard-definition cameras using the Plus-90 Mode.
  • Paint out areas of the input source with a soft-edged brush, turning difficult shots into easy ones.

Support for industry standards

Enjoy easy integration with your existing editing tools.

  • SMU2 is compatible with all major editing applications that accept standard AVI files or image sequences.
  • Video input options include AVI, MPEG, QuickTime, and DV files or any format for which you have a compatible codec installed.
  • Output options include DV files or 24-bit and 32-bit AVIs with alpha channels for later compositing with any editing tools.

formats supported


What do you’ll receive

  • 1 copy of SMU2 Software
  • 1 complete PDF Manual (eng)
  • 1 installation/activation Service (mandatory to use the software)


to prevent piracy SMU2 must be activated directly into your computer from our Techs via remote support/connection: if you’re not confortable to have our tech working into your computer, please do not buy the software because there is NOT other way to activate it to run properly and also you will NOT eligible to a refund for this reason!

How it work

1-After payment you’ll receive promptly the necessary links to download the software – The license is valid for ONE PC install ONLY. The software require OUR TECHS activation before using it, so do NOT attempt to run it before our activation

2-following the simple instructions you will able to keep an appointment with Skype with our technicians to activate the software: basically You download files into your computer and our experts will take care of the rest for you :-)

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