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SeriousMagic Ultra2 is a powerful chromakey software that let you enhance your production with amazing virtual sets (sold optionally) and animated backgrounds.

His unique and unmatched Vector Keying technology is powerful but super easy to use.

Visit product page for all features

Complete feature list

Get superior keying results from marginal sources, such as DV footage that was poorly lit.

  • Produce better keying results with a breakthrough algorithm called Vector Keying™. It compensates for keying nightmares, such as uneven lighting, wrinkled backdrops, or frizzy hair. Key in the field or in the studio.
  • Enjoy extraordinarily faster setup with One-Click Key. Increase rendering speeds by shifting processing demands to your computer’s graphics processing unit (GPU).
  • Get excellent results from the reduced color bandwidth of today’s DV video sources.
  • Get instant feedback with live preview. Adjust camera shot, angle, and zoom to fit the scene while shooting.
  • Perform real-time color correction on input and output clips and work with controls for spill suppression, color curve, and desaturation. Fine-tune your composites for detailed realism.

Transform keying into a practical daily production tool with Serious Magic Ultra 2 for Windows®.


formats supported

Support for industry standards

Enjoy easy integration with your existing editing tools.

  • SMU2 is compatible with all major editing applications that accept standard AVI files or image sequences.
  • Video input options include
    • AVI
    • MPEG
    • QuickTime
    • DV files or any format for which you have a compatible codec installed.
  • Output options include DV files or 24-bit and 32-bit AVIs with alpha channels for later compositing with any editing tools.

Flexibility with layers, sources, and scenes

Take control of your virtual environment.

  • Flexible edge cropping, scaling, and orientation settings allow total control over the placement of your source clips. Add realism to your sets using virtual shadows and reflections.
  • Insert additional video sources right into the many virtual sets included with Ultra CS3. Easily create more sophisticated composites by adding your own semitransparent foreground image or by choosing any prerendered 3D virtual set included in Ultra.
  • Get high-resolution output with standard-definition cameras using the Plus-90 Mode.
  • Paint out areas of the input source with a soft-edged brush, turning difficult shots into easy ones.

Buy now at just 127$


installation service included – please read below before buy

What do you receive with your purchase

  • 1 full download of of SMU2 Software – license valid for ONE computer (only electronic download – no Dvd shipping )
  • 1 complete PDF Manual (english – 90 pages)
  • 1 installation service* (mandatory: please read before buy)
  • Our Amazing Tech Support!

Minimum Requirements

  • Platform: WIN (no Mac, No Linux)
  • Operating System: XP / Vista/ Windows7
  • Processor: 1Ghz (2Ghz+ Dual core suggested)
  • RAM: 1024MB (2Gb suggested)
  • Hard Disk: 4,0 Gbytes (with Virtual DEMO sets)
  • 16 MB AGP display card and a DVD drive
  • 1 Skype ID* – If you do not have one get it now for free at skype.com  (*mandatory for installation service)

Presales questions?

Amazing Tech Support

Mandatory Remote Installation Service – READ BEFORE BUY!

Installation Service and Licensing

Read this before buy!

To prevent piracy SMU2 must be activated directly into your computer from our Techs via remote support/connection. You are 100% safe and secured with us: check the long list of unsolicited customer’s testimonials.

If you’re not comfortable with this, please do not buy the software because there is no other way to configure and activate the software.

How it Work

1. DO NOT attempt to run it before our activation. After payment you’ll receive promptly the necessary links to download the software – The license is valid for ONE PC install ONLY. The software require OUR TECHS activation before using it,

2. Following the simple instructions you will be able to keep an appointment with Skype with our technicians to activate the software. Basically, you download files into your computer and our experts will take care of the rest for you.

Watch testimonial about our installation service (our first customer, 2011)


Do you want more? Go inside the Virtual Sets World!

Expand Your Creativity with Serious Magic Ultra Virtual Sets Libraries

Designed exclusively for Serious Magic Ultra™, these 4 virtual sets take full advantage of Serious Magic’s VirtualTrak™ technology and offer a variety of settings ideal for business, training and education videos.

Each Virtual Sets contains 12 HQ Vsets and is sold separately

Go to Virtual Sets

Disclaimer Seriousmagic.net is a trade company. We buy and sell used copies of this discontinued stand alone software, not anymore available on the market. We’re NOT related in any way to seriousmagic.com and/or Adobe. All Trademarks are reserved to respective and legitimate owners.This software is provided ‘as-is’, without any express or implied warranty. Please read our TOS here

total safe



real and unsolicited testimonials…

Ron Imanene

Thank you soo much that was good service. I’ll be sure to recommend you.

Edward Keyte

Thank you very much Narek I was very happy with the installation service!
Narek went the extra mile to help me more than he needed to and just made the experience very pleasant indeed!
I will difficultly go back and buy the extra Virtual Sets.
Thank you very much!

Paolo Ceccato

Friday July 29th, I purchased your program but due to technical problems I could not download your program.
I write to you to figure out how to solve it and I received from you the maximum effort and maximum professionalism ‘that everyone should use towards the end customer.
In particular, with great skill and familiarity with the PC from Narek(Technical Support Team) has always followed me at all hours both Saturday and Sunday and today Monday after hours of trying very hard, and’ gaming could be a huge problem.

Of course, a thanks for supporting me for the installation of the program Ultra.
Because you are a company to emulate and admire.
Of course, will buy from you again.
Thanks for Everything.

John Malone

Quick, easy, helpful…. awesome support…. thanks!

David Swain

Very quick and helpful response – all my problems resolved while I slept!!

As they suggest, always be sure to be concise and thorough in explaining **exactly** what the problem is – and identify yourself and your purchase precisely. Help them help you and you will receive excellent help!

Paul Webb

Thanks … great work.

Carl Hayes

This installation was the fastest I’ve ever seen done by remote connection. Very professional, courteous and helpful. Not one mistake and the program works fine. It’s a pleasure to work with someone that knows what they are doing. Have a great day!!

Andrew Power

Just wanted to thank you for a painless installation process. I had envisioned something much more time consuming, however this was great.
Thanks again :)

Donovan Lloyd

Looks like everything went well on the install. Thanks a lot for your help and speedy response.

Terry Honeycutt

Thank you for the installation help.
Tech support helped me out and was very professional at what he was doing.
Thank you!

Arthur Carr

I am so pleased with my decision to purchase from you and to have tech support for intallation.

Narek performed above and beyond what could be expected with the limited capacity of my computer and completed the installation brilliantly.

Outstanding service!
Thank you so very much.
Have wanted this software for years.

Patrick Smith

Thank you so much for all your help. I look forward to using this program.
You were very helpful and knowledgeable. Any time I had questions you responded very quickly.
Thanks again.

Doug Snyder

Everything is fine.
Product has been installed successfully
I am very pleased with the service I received.
Narek was very patient and helpful.
Doug Snyder

Marty Rozmanith

Thanks Narek! Everything looks great.

Kym Pate

Thank you for your excellent support.

Bertranine Quentin

Really i’m really happy, you have a great team ! You are the best really thanks for all good job. Talk later with great pleasure ! Thanks for all Again !!

Have great day Narek and your team !

Jeffrey Warda

What an EXCELLENT service. Friendly, fast, and thourough to the last. Best customer service I have had in 20 years.

Hernan Andueza

Excellent product and awesome customer service!
I really needed this keyer for my video work, it is going to improve a lot thanks to this great tool.
Thank you very much!

Jay Johnson

I just want to thank you’re team (especially Narek) the install is finished and working like a charm… Thanks again, best money I ever spent!!!

Bob Scholtz

Thnxs for the good help,
Kind regards.

Cleveland Bates

I was assisted by Narek from Technical Support Team.
The response to my request was very fast.
I was instructed to contact the technician via Skype, who answered the call within a minute.
The technician had my software running and verified within 15 minutes.

David Lee

Narek – thank you again and most grateful for your assistance. Looking forward to making MAGIC.

Bertranine Quentin

Really i’m really happy, you have a great team ! You are the best really thanks for all good job. Talk later with great pleasure ! Thanks for all Again !!

Have great day Narek and your team !

Mohammed A. Tayyib

Thanks Narek for the outstanding services that you provided me over the past few days. I really appreciate how patient you were with me. I am really satisfied. You are the best software support that I have ever dealt with. Seeing how complex the software installation, I do not know how could I have done it without your great help..
Thanks again, I am really looking forward to do business with your company.

Michael Dabney

Thank you you for the great support. You guys went above and beyond in my opinion kudos.

Bill Bennet

Purchased Ultra 2 several weeks ago along with three of the virtual sets.
I just got my green screen and lighting setup.
I shot some video and started keying and working with the virtual sets. Everything is working easier that I thought it would be.

E Anthony Lane

I had the pleasure of having my Serious Magic Ultra purchase installed by the tech support dept. and I want to commend the tech suport dept for a job well done, the tech support technican was knowlegable, patient,with me, (not being a tech person) he took me by the hand and led me through one of the most interesting installs I have ever seen, Take my word for this, let them do the install, they know what they are doing. I completely bungled the downloads and he was patient and led me in the right direction, he told me wat to look for in ths type of download, I could go on and on, but you get my drift, these guys are off the chain, that mean – they are great.

Robert Thomas

Thanks, Narek. That was quite an installation procedure! I’m glad you did it!

John Grozik,Milwaukee

Excellent technical support from Narek. Seamless install. No glitches from my side of the monitor. Program seems to run as designed, but I need more time to evaluate all of the options. Thanks for the installation.

Lake Icao

I am very happy with the help that Narek Solaris has provided me.Very satisfied.Thank you. 5 stars.

David Taylor

Thanks so much for your quick and expert work. Ultra2 is up and running on Vista. Really appreciate the effort and skill that you showed.

And thanks to seriousmagic.net for making this amazing program available.

Fred Peer

Thank you for your good and very professional support. ULTRA is now operational and we will start testing it tomorrow. I´m printing the 80 page manual right now. Thanks again and good luck!

Sigmund Holstad

Thank a lot for making the installment a breeze!!!

I am really impressed by your services and knowledge, and will definately try to spread the word to others that might be interested in your services as well!!!

Sigurdur Asgeirsson

Thanks again…and just so you know we have been using SMU and we are really really pleased with it. We had a few problems getting used to it but it really is an excellent product and has added so much production value to our project. Thank you for your excellent support too.

Read all Testimonials at our dedicated page clicking here….