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Virtual Sets Offer

Serious Magic Virtual Master Sets Library – Instant Download


Serious Magic Ultra Virtual Sets Libraries

Each Virtual Sets contains 12 HQ Vsets and is sold separately

Designed exclusively for Serious Magic Ultra™, these virtual sets take full advantage of Serious Magic’s VirtualTrak™ technology and offer a variety of settings ideal for business, training and education videos.

Volume 1


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Volume 2


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Volume 3


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Volume 4


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VirtualTrak™ Virtual Camera Moves

Master Sets Libraries add high-end virtual set systems to SMU2.

You get features like camera motion, reflections and secondary video sources mapped in the environment. When used in conjunction with Ultra 2, these libraries save you tens-of-thousands of dollars by completely eliminating the need to rent specialized motion tracking cameras and 3D graphics workstations.

Master Sets Libraries simulate traditional motion tracking by using Ultra 2’s VirtualTrak™ system creating virtual camera moves from stationary camera shots and inserts video reflections into virtual scenes.

Virtual Zooms and Pans

With Ultra 2’s Master Sets Libraries, you don’t need a huge green screen room to appear in large virtual environments. Ultra’s Virtual Zoom feature lets you scale input video sources to match backgrounds.

Full-body shots are dramatic, but it’s also incredibly useful for head-and-shoulder shots and sit-down interviews where only a few feet of green backdrop are needed.

Professional-looking talking head shots often contain a slow zoom in, which would be impossible to achieve with an ordinary chroma key.

SMU2 lets you virtually zoom or pan any static camera shot in perfect sync with the keyed.

Each set include multiple angles, virtual flying camera shots, and places to insert additional video sources or graphics.

Master Sets Library Set is sure to impress clients and captivate viewers as it offers real-world environments.

  • Enhance your productions with professional 3D virtual sets and animated backgrounds, ranging from corporate and educational settings to newsrooms and futuristic studios.
  • Use VirtualTrak™ to quickly add virtual pans and zooms from stationary camera shots that are in perfect sync with your keyed backgrounds.
  • Insert accurate video reflections for increased realism. Talent and additional images or video sources can reflect into the scene.
  • multiple Virtual cameras with one stationary camera by coordinating multiple angles, such as wide, medium, tight, and alternative views — whether you’re shooting head-and-shoulder or full-body shots.
  • Simulate realistic motion tracking in a scene with special effects, such as virtual camera fly-throughs.

Virtual Sets Offer

Serious Magic Ultra Virtual Sets Libraries

4 Master Sets Library are avalaible for Instant Download

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